Are you dreaming of becoming a childcare practitioner but you are worried that your English skills are not fully there yet? The English for Working with Children, 10 week course for 2 hours per week, will provide you with a boost to your English skills to prepare you for the journey on level 1 childcare course.You will develop writing skills and extend your vocabulary to enable easier success on accredited childcare course, should you wish to progress. You will learn how to construct grammatically correct simple and compound sentences in simple past and simple present and learn how to plan and draft writing for appropriate audience and purpose.You will study in a stimulating atmosphere with the guidance of an experienced tutor. This course is a subject to a pre-course assessment (PCA) and requires booking an appointment prior to enrolment.After successful completion of the course and sufficient progress made and documented in the learners portfolio, which will be assessed by a tutor, the learners will have a priority to attend a Pre-Course Assessment session in summer 2018 which could lead to enrolment on Working with Children level 1 course starting in September 2018.