This course is part 1 of three 11 week courses in the discrete Mindlift and Supported Learning curriculum supporting skills from the entry level 3 maths curriculum up to level 2. Also to help you organise yourself and use new skills to improve confidence and self-management.Comparing and ordering, rounding numbers, odd, even and square numbersFraction basics, halves and quarters, Adding and subtracting methods of whole and decimal numbers. Multiplying x 10, x 100Measures - mathematical language of length, weight (mass) and capacity (liquid)Weighing - estimating and comparing. Length units (m, cm, mm and km)Perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes Time - time facts, times differences, use a calendar, 24-hour clockName and describe 2D and 3D shapes Handling Data information collection, sort and record data from everyday life Tally, frequency charts, pictograms, tables and bar chartsProblem solving in words money, time. How to use a calculator effectively.