This course is part 2 of three 11 week courses in the discrete Mindlift and Supported Learning curriculum supporting skills from the entry level 3 maths curriculum up to level 2. Also to help you organise yourself and use new skills to improve confidence and self-management.Practise suitable multiplying and dividing methodsFactors, multiples, negative numbers (temperature)Percentage basics in real life, increase, decrease in %, VAT, sale prices, interest chargedBudgeting, profit and loss. Revise fractions, decimals and their equivalenceLength area and perimeter investigations Weight (mass) units convert kg and g, shopping investigationCapacity measure liquid in l and ml, investigate different shop containers/bottles Shape and space - 2D shapes symmetry, tessellation, volume of 3D shapes, draw 3D netsAngles name, measure, draw. Recognise compass points Handling Data obtain and interpret data from plans, lists, tables, data bases Bar charts and line graphs. Write a questionnaire