This course is to support learners to improve communication and numeracy skills. This is a 35 week course in the Supported Learning Curriculum for Adults with Learning Difficulties. You will learn to organise yourself and use new skills to gain confidence and self-management skills. To write own name and recognise own address and contact details. Learners will be stretched to develop their abilities in the pre-entry curriculum covering Miles stone 5 to E1 according to their ability. To develop Communication: Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing skills, recognition of letters, familiar words & patterns. To use text such as: to recognise your own name & address & to read, recall or know where to find it. Develop Early Mathematics explore number skills, handling data & understanding what money is used for. To progress on to understanding addition & subtraction, name shapes in 2D & 3D, recognise patterns. Develop understanding of numerical patterns & the use of patterns in the urban environment. To be familiar with commonly used symbols for information & safety. To explore units of measurement, know which units of measurement to use.