This course is part 3 of three 11 week courses in the discrete Mindlift and Supported Learning curriculum supporting skills from the entry level 3 maths curriculum up to level 2. Also to help you organise yourself and use new skills to improve confidence and self-management.Revise fractions, decimals and percentageRatio and proportion real life examples eg in recipes, tile pattern Averages: what are they and, finding the mode, median, mean and range Revise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations including with a calculator.Multi step word problems exploring appropriate method to solve problems Weight (mass) problems. Revise capacity, timetables and calendars Shape and space - parallel lines and angles, revise area, perimeter of compound shapes Revise how to interpret data and use it, see trends and changes in graphs and bar charts Investigate pie charts and probability the likelihood of events happening, real life examplesProject plan an event and, work out times, materials/labours required and costs.