The course aims to educate learners on a healthier life style by involving them in the making of simple nutritious recipes using wholesome ingredients. This would help our learners to eat less processed foods. The teaching strategies aim at stimulating learners by using different foods that incorporate a variety of colour, texture and aromas. We endeavour to offer a learning environment that is calm, inspiring and safe.Course includes: Learn about a variety of foods, a healthy diet. Practise basic cookery skills with help or alone & produce a personal eating plan. Gain a basic knowledge of Food Hygiene, Kitchen Safety & practise using equipment independently & safely. Create a portfolio of evidence for course. Learn about the main food groups and how to plan balanced meals and to manage portion size when dishing up a meal. Gain a wide and varied range of basic cookery skills: methods, weighing and measuring, chopping, slicing peeling and mixing. Basic food hygiene and nutrition will be an important part of the course, shopping for and weighing ingredients, setting oven controls and timing cooking, food preparation methods, you will become familiar with the visual, sound clues and aroma characteristics which help to identify when a dish is cooked. Learn about selecting and using cooking equipment and preparing drinks and snacks. Understand how to plan and prepare a simple meal, using basic cookery skills with help or alone. Gain a basic knowledge of Food safety and storage & practise recycling, manage waste. Learn about developing independent living skills: looking after your own home. Learn to plan and prepare food for an event.