This Course aims at raising awareness on healthy eating principles by involving learners in making healthy nutritious recipes using unprocessed food. The knowledge is then personalised according to the learners' own needs and practical advice is given considering any medical conditions that can be controlled by diet. To learn about a variety of foods, a healthy diet & be able to place foods in the main food groups. To practise basic cookery skills with help or alone & produce a personal eating plan. To have a basic knowledge of Food Hygiene, Kitchen Safety & practise using equipment independently & safely. To create a portfolio of evidence for course. Learn about the main food groups and how to plan balanced meals and to manage portion size when dishing up a meal. To have an awareness about any medical conditions which can be improved by changing your diet. Also have an understanding how to manage your condition from a dietary point of view. A wide and varied range of basic cookery skills: methods, weighing and measuring, chopping, slicing peeling and mixing. Basic food hygiene and nutrition will be an important part of the course, we cover shopping for and weighing ingredients, setting oven controls and timing cooking, food preparation methods.