This course will explore how Film, the great popular art form of the 20th and 21st Centuries combines all the Arts in its production for exhibition on big and small screens at first in fair grounds, then in Picture Palaces and now in galleries and our homes.We will analyse how cinema is created by and uses as subjects all the Arts; Theatre, Writing, Photography, Painting, Music, Singing and Dancing in Fiction and Documentary. We will explore how the arts are used creatively in films like like Robert Wienes 1920 Expressionist Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the Experimental 20s work of Man Ray and Germaine Dulac,,Genre flms like the Musical and Film Noir and Marjane Satrapis 2008 Animation Persepolis. We will also look at art and artists as the subjects in films like John Mayburys 1976 Love is the Devil about Francis Bacon, High Art, Lisa Cholodenkos 1998 film about women photographers, La Danse, Frederick Wisemans 2009 Observational Documentary, Banksys 2010 Exit Through the Gift Shop, Celine Sciammas 2019 Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Mark Cousins 2019 Eyes of Orson Welles.We will also think about Moving Image Art in the Gallery with Artists Film like John Akomfrahs Nine Muses and how Art Movements like Surrealism and Expressionism continue to stimulate film directors, cinematographers and Production Designers. Dance, theatre, music, sculpture, painting. All of theses modes of art-making are encapsulated into my practice which is why I chose film as a medium for making my work. Isaac Julien.