Tilda Swinton has said I love producing. Ill always want to go on producing, not necessarily being in the film, but being at the side of the ring with a sponge and a bucket and a towel round my neck.We will examine the Producers essential but often ignored role. As well as assembling the artists and crafts people who make films, finding the money for locations and making deals with Distributors and Exhibitors, Creative Producers can be an essential part of the creative vision of a film.We will explore the changing roles of Producers from Classic Hollywood to the break up of the Studio System, with actors like Warren Beatty self producing Bonnie and Clyde, to the present day Producer/Directors. We will also explore the creative Director/Producer relationships like Powell and Pressburger, Carol Morley and Cairo Cannon, Ken Loach, and Rebecca OBrien, Michael Winterbottom and Andrew Eaton. There are also Producers who have enabled International Independent Cinema like Jeremy Thomas (The Last Emperor, Sexy Beast, First Love), Elias Querejeta whose work with people like Saura, and Erice, transformed Spanish Cinema, and Marin Karmitz, Producing Chabrol, Kiarostami and Assayas while creating his Distribution and Cinema Chain MK2 which enable us to enjoy World Cinema alternatives Hollywood.