There are five styles of Tai Chi, Chen, Yang, Woo, Wu/Hao and Sun Styles, they all have their unique characteristics. Tai Chi is referred to as an internal or soft martial art, this course will not be studying the martial applications of the postures but will be focusing on the health benefits of the art. You will be studying the 'Yang Style Simplified Short Form' sometimes referred to as the '24 Step Routine.' The course runs for 30 weeks and is split into three parts (one in each term). The 'Form' you will be learning is the most practiced Tai Chi Form in the world and is an ideal starting point for Tai Chi beginners. A class begins with warm up and stretching routines followed by the 'Ba Duan Jin' (Eight Pieces of Brocade) sequence with each of the eight procedures focusing on stimulating a particular organ or function within the body. We then practise Qigong, coordinating breathing and movement and bringing our attention to various parts of the body to increase energy flow through acupuncture meridians within our bodies. When learning the 'Form' we will initially focus on footwork and coordinate this with upper body movements gradually throughout the course building a sequence of movements lasting for 4 minutes. We will gradually build the 'Form' always going back to revise previously learned movements, your tutor will demonstrate the postures and take you through step by step. The aim of the course is to enable you to practise the 'Form' and the Qigong Routines independently, and to identify and achieve a personal goal as discussed with your tutor.