Would you like to enrich your wellbeing through yoga? Then Iyengar yoga - mixed ability might be for you. During this 10 week course you will explore the principles of Iyengar yoga and why it's good for your health. You will learn how to control your core muscles and develop your balance. The exercises will help you to correct poor posture, improve flexibility and strength. Iyengar Yoga is suitable for all ages. Regular practice may improve suppleness, strength and stamina and have a positive effect on posture. The Iyengar approach emphasizes the importance of working with precision in the practice of the poses. It is a progressive learning methodology, where you will build a stable foundation before attempting more demanding work. The aim of this particular course is to help you establish a sound and meaningful practice, so that you can steadily work towards a calmer state of mind. The course is mixed ability, so suitable for those who wish to refresh their understanding of the Iyengar method and those with experience of other styles of yoga who would like to experience this approach.PROVISIONAL DATES FOR PROPOSED EXAM DISRUPTION ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.